The Enko Running Shoes

The new entrant into the running footwear marketplace is a distinctive shoe from Enko. These different athletic shoes from France had been initially publicized at the end of 2014 and created by using a crowd financing venture at Indiegogo early in 2015.

This athletic shoe features mechanical spring loaded components which are incorporated into the sole. This particular structure provides the athletic shoe with an increase of shock absorption as well as energy release. This is believed to improve comfort as well as running economy. The springs are exchangeable and are calculated depending on the weight of the runner. Data supplied by Enko claim that the gains provided by the shock absorbers concerning mechanical energy is somewhere between 6% and 14% based on the velocity of the athlete.

It is not obvious if the shoe will likely be broadly adopted at this point, however, some issues have been mentioned concerning the design and the way it may possibly impact the running biomechanics.


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